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About Us

photo byCynthia Baril

Betsy is a nine year old Lab/Spaniel/Akita cross. She has been with me since her prior owner left her at a shelter eight years ago. The nine puppies she had while at the shelter all found homes as soon as they were weaned. Betsy is gentle, smart, affectionate and (generally) well behaved... unless you put her near a chicken coop (I don't). She has continued in her maternal role as both my other dogs joined us as 8 week old puppies.

Murphy is a five year old yellow Labrador Retriever. He is tall, blonde and very handsome. Over the years he's provided me with an extensive collection of antique tennis balls which he reluctantly shares with his nephew, Tucker.

Tucker is an exuberant two year old black Labrador Retriever. He is active, full of fun and mischief. I affectionately refer to him as 'Tucker the Terrible'.

Xena is our four year old 'warrior princess' cat. She thinks she's a dog and insists on being treated as one. She loves to come on walks with us and relies on the others to protect her... which they do willingly if called upon. In return, she keeps them clean and occasionally brings them presents.

Anne: I am a registered nurse with trauma experience, advanced first aid & CPR training and a lifelong dog lover/owner. For many years I have wanted to combine my love of dogs with my medical background, hence my decision to offer canine first aid training. All the material offered in my course has been reviewed and supported by my Veterinarian.